Monday, July 4, 2011

A Lost Soul

A Haunted Soul  Episode 2

So here I am once again, waiting to go to Heaven. How did it come to this? I waited patiently the night before, and nothing came as the night slowly passed. I just knew after finding myself out here last night that it would surely come quickly.

How could a person such as me who lived what I thought was a good and decent life not be quickly transported to the next life? Last night nothing had come for me though. No shining doorway. No celestial stairway. No beloved ancestors to guide the way. Nothing. And now I sit here on the second night of my death, confused but still waiting.

Hmm, maybe I'm in the wrong place. Am I supposed to go somewhere else? I stayed out here in front of the castle, sitting on this boulder. I thought this was where I should be because it was the place I appeared when I awoke to this limbo existence after I was murdered. I assumed I should stay right where I was. After all, I didn't want to miss the big event.

But maybe I should be somewhere else. I hope I'm not too late. Surely the way to Heaven will appear for me again if I missed it. It surely would have waited if I weren't there to meet it anyway. Ha! That must be it! So I'll search for the right place to be since I so obviously must not be there now. That must be the answer.

I really am not sure where I should begin my search. Would the passageway to Heaven be out here in the night? Or maybe it will be inside the castle itself. This is a mystery I'll have to ponder for a few minutes. Where will I search? Are there any clues? I don't know of any.

An odd thought has occurred to me. No, it couldn't be! Maybe I was somehow forgotten. Maybe Heaven won't be coming. What will happen to me?


  1. cool,I'm really getting into your writting.

  2. @Mike Golch
    Thanks. I've tried to get better with each episode.

  3. "Maybe I was somehow forgotten." – excellent! The soul that somehow isn't taken charge of… and still, you leave us suspended in not-knowingness for the moment… can't wait to see what'll come of it.

  4. @Dieter Moitzi
    Thanks. The story will begin to reveal a little more as it goes on, but it might not reveal what might be expected.

  5. Your writing is incredible. I loved the photo too, it really added to the atmosphere of the post. I am looking forward to future posts as well.

    Have a great day,

  6. @Tammy and Mike
    Thank you. I also did the photo myself.

  7. Fantastic story so far. I have a theory, but it's probably wrong :-)

  8. wow very powerful idea. It made me want for more :).

  9. @John
    Thanks. Your theory might be exactly right too. I'd love to find out what it is.

    Thank you. There will definitely be more to come of this story.

  10. The power of words is amazing. You've painted a strong picture here. :-)

  11. @Ms. Williams
    Thank you. That was one of my main goals with this one.

  12. Hey Ratty...I just love it when I don't know exactly where the next episode will go...soooooo many possibilities!!

  13. @allotments4you
    The very next episode will take us in a very different direction along the same path, and it will lead us to some new mysteries. In the end we will learn just what it's like to be a ghost.

  14. Very cool story-line,Ratty! I can't wait for the next chapter.

  15. @Jean
    The next chapter will be coming Monday morning. This is the only story I know of that shares what it's like to be a ghost.

  16. Interesting story and great writing!

  17. @Meandu
    Thank you. I'm glad you like it.


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