Welcome to the enchanting and occasionally unsettling world of David, a character whose life journey unfolds through a series of short stories. As a child, known affectionately as "Davey," he experienced adventures that echo the whimsical charm of fairy tales, filled with wonder, lessons, and magical moments. As he grew into adulthood, becoming known simply as "David," his tales evolved to explore deeper, more complex themes, some of which may venture into realms that are mysterious and even disturbing.

Each story is a unique window into David's world, offering insights into the different stages of his life. While many of these tales are suitable for children, enchanting them with the magic of innocence and imagination, others tread into darker, more introspective paths that are best explored by adult minds. I encourage adults to read these stories first before sharing them with their children, ensuring that the content aligns with what they deem appropriate.

In this collection, you'll journey with David through the simplicity and purity of childhood into the intricate tapestry of adult life, witnessing the transformation of a boy into a man, and a character into a legend. May these stories inspire, entertain, and provoke thought, revealing the many facets of life through the eyes of "Davey" and "David."



  1. Davey And The Little Blue Bird
  2. Davey And The Golden Acorn


  1. The Great Car Caper of David and Marion
  2. David