Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face The Computer

here was once a man who just loved technology. He had to have every new gadget that came along. He loved it when cars all began to have power windows instead of those old window cranks; not because he wanted to be relieved of the work of turning the crank, but all because he liked being able to push those delightful buttons.

When home computers were invented, he was one of the first people to have one. He got video game systems just to see how the games worked. He absolutely loved cellular phones. It didn't matter if he talked to anyone or not, he just liked the idea that they existed. He always wondered what new personal technology they would come up with next.

It was computers though that really held his fascination.  He could sit at his computer all day long, forgetting that the rest of the world even existed. He would neglect everything if he could. Only bodily functions or work could get in his way. He even knew it wasn't really a wise thing to become so obsessed with something, but this was his passion! He had to have his computer, even if to only sit and play solitaire all day long.

There came a time though when he got up from the computer to do some bothersome, but necessary things. It was the oddest thing, but out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw something very strange on the computer screen. It shouldn't have been there at all, because the screen had shut down to standby mode. He thought maybe he was just tired, because nothing could be there, especially not what he thought he saw.

He could have sworn he had seen a face! But when he looked directly at the computer the face was gone. The only thing there was a blank screen. He knew it hadn't been there, but somehow it still disturbed him, so he decided just to watch TV for awhile instead. There was just something not right about that face! TV might give him a little bit of a break anyway. He knew he was on that computer too much. But soon enough he was back on his trusty computer again, forgetting it ever happened.

It was a few days later that he was walking past the computer when he saw the face again! This time he got a slightly better look at it. He still only saw it out of the corner of his eye, and when he looked directly at the screen it was gone. But he saw that face! It was a hideously demonic face, and it seemed to be studying him. He was now becoming afraid, but he was a logical man. He knew things like that couldn't exist.

The only problem was that in the back of his mind he could still see that face, and he was still afraid. What did it want? Why had it come to him? He soon began to avoid the computer, afraid of seeing that face. But he also wanted to see it again, if only to confirm what he saw. He began to think of a plan.

He stayed away from the computer for a whole day, which was very difficult for him to do, even with his fear. Then he picked a good time to do what he had to do. He casually walked past the computer, being very careful not to look directly at it. There it was! It was that evil disgusting face! He stopped, still not looking right at it, but examining it from the side of his vision. The face was not just a still image. It was actually moving, studying him.

He then quickly turned to look at it, but it disappeared just like the other times. He now decided he wasn't going to let it scare him. It would not win! He would use his computer any time he wanted, and he would just have to always look directly at it. He soon forgot all about the face as he learned about another new technology. It was called the internet.

As soon as he could, he found an internet provider in his area. He had to have this! This would connect him to the world! The face on the screen was forgotten. He was one of the first people in his area to have a connection to the internet, and he loved everything about it. It was like having a gigantic computer that could do anything.

He was soon telling everybody he knew about this new miracle. None of them seemed to care back then, until the day he didn't show up to work. He never missed a day of work, so this was very strange. They never saw him again. It soon became apparent to all of those who knew him that something was wrong. Finally, the police were called because he hadn't been seen for a very long time.

When they finally went inside his house, they found his body about ten feet away from his computer. The corpse was decomposing, but they could clearly see a look of terror on his face. They later determined that he had died of a simple heart attack. They decided it was nothing more than that. But what had scared him so badly? They never found out.

He had never told anyone about the face on the computer screen, but there were other random people throughout the world who had begun to report an oddly disturbing thing on their computers. They were seeing an evil face out of the corner of their eyes, but when they looked directly at the computer they saw nothing. All of them have internet connections. Some think it's just a computer virus, but others suspect something much worse, something evil. Have you seen this face?