Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Demon Hunter's Dog

It had been only a few years since everything had changed for him, but it seemed like a lifetime to the demon hunter. Now he found himself standing at the edge of the parking lot of an old boarded up liquor store. It was about three hours before dawn, so everything around was bathed in darkness.

He barely remembered getting the order to come here to take care of a problem. He was always contacted at unexpected times, but he knew all of this was necessary. After discovering his unusual powers, he met the mysterious ones who had shown him that demons desperately wanted into this dimension so they could bring misery and death to every human on the face of the planet.

The mysterious ones had patiently explained that he was one of the very few humans that could stop the demons from carrying out their evil plans. You see, after being haunted by one of the evil demons for much of his childhood, he had finally discovered why the thing had never seemed to be able to really hurt him. It was an inner strength that almost nobody else had, and that was of course part of his special power.

After finally finding the courage to banish that first demon back to where it came from, he was contacted by the mysterious ones, and it was then that he had been recruited to defend the human race from what the demons were doing. The demons meant to fight a war on all of humanity, and at this time humanity was losing badly.

He wished someone else could do this terrible job, but he knew that most normal people were oblivious to the disaster that was about to befall them. Besides, he was one of the few that understood how the demons were able to come here, and how to send them back.

After being taught many things by the mysterious ones, including the true nature of good and evil, he had begun going on these missions to banish the demons from this plane of existence. He was now well experienced as a demon hunter after only a few short years. It had become routine business for him.

Now he found himself standing here in this dark parking lot. As he began the search for his new target, he got a little surprise! His dog had somehow followed him here, even though he thought he had left her safe at home. He didn't want her involved in this, but it was too late to take her back home now. That could be a fatal mistake. The demon he was looking for might just follow them.

The hunter and the dog both discovered it at the same time. At the back of the parking lot, in front of a small forest, was an abandoned car! They both could sense that the demon he had come for was hiding in that car waiting for something! Demons were easy to find for anyone who knew what to look for. They gave off a kind of glow. It was a glow of darkness instead of a glow of light. Basically, they radiated an evil kind of darkness.

As he made a move to step towards the old wreck, his dog quickly put herself in front of him and began to whimper! She also sensed what was over there, and she was terrified. She didn't understand that he was a demon hunter and that he was more than a match for that evil creature. She only knew that there was something very dangerous and she wanted desperately to protect him from it.

The dog began to cry a little bit louder while refusing to be moved out of the way. Then she moved up to the demon hunter and tried to nudge him away from the danger. This human was the whole world for the poor dog for most of her life, and she couldn't bear to see anything bad happen to him. The man understood exactly how the dog felt, but he had a job to do. And if he didn't do it now, they'd both be in grave danger.

Even while keeping a close eye on the hiding place of the demon, he reached down and gently petted his faithful companion to try and reassure her that everything was alright. He desperately wanted her to remain safe, just as much as she was concerned for his safety. He had to make sure she stayed where she was while he went over to deal with the problem of the demon.

While petting his dog, he whispered to her that he wanted her to stay there while he went over to have a look. He told her that he knew her concerns, but he understood exactly what he was doing. He said he would be completely safe as long as she did what he told her. He wasn't sure how, but she seemed to understand him, and she seemed to be comforted.

After the demon hunter was sure his pet was alright he turned back toward the abandoned car where the demon was hiding. He could see that the dark aura that came from this evil thing was becoming more intense with every passing second. It radiated out and was even beginning to make the car difficult to see. He knew that meant the demon was aware of his presence. He had to move quickly.

As he walked toward the car, he heard the dog make a few small whimpering sounds, but he knew he wouldn't have to turn back. The hunter knew the dog was still afraid, but he also knew she would be okay, and she would stay right where she was. He was glad of that because he could feel the tension in the air as he moved closer to the car. The demon was bracing itself, getting ready to strike!

As he got next to the car, the demon hunter quickly grabbed the door handle and flung the door open! Out of the darkness the demon leaped at him! It was a pale thin wrinkled thing with long sharp teeth and rags for clothing. It had a mostly humanoid shape, but there was nothing at all human about this horrible monstrous thing.

Just as the demon was about to collide with him, the hunter quickly threw out his hand and smashed it into the head of the horrifying entity! As soon as his hand made contact with it, the demon exploded in a flash of sparkling light! No fight, no struggle. It was quick and clean. The demon was gone. Why it had come to this particular place was a mystery that the hunter didn't need to find out. His job was now done.

This had been a struggle between courage and fear. The hunter knew that demons of this type fed on fear. That's how they gained their strength. His knowledge of this took away all of his fear and all of the demon's strength. After that, it was easy to defeat this evil thing with only a touch. The opposite of fear is courage, and courage always destroyed these evil creatures.

Without looking back, the hunter walked back over to his now very calm dog. The dog greeted him with a wag of her tail as he patted her on the head. They were both glad this was all over. It was just then that the hunter began to wonder how his dog had come here. No normal dog could have followed him all the way to this place.

Now that he thought about it, his dog had always seemed special in some way. There was an intelligence that no other dog seemed to have. Could it be that she had some kind of special power like he did? He was going to have to look at his best friend in a different way from now on. He knew she would be coming with him to these places from now on. How could he stop her?

As they walked away, the demon hunter told his dog that it would get easier for her every time they did this now. Soon her fear would vanish, and she would begin to learn exactly what to do against the demons. She might even be able to defeat the evil ones on her own eventually, but for now they would work together.

Who knows what the future might hold? The demon hunter hoped they could somehow one day make the world safe from the evil scourge that had invaded it. The little dog just hoped she could learn to keep the demon hunter safe. Two different dreams, but they worked very well together. This could be a very good beginning for this new team.


  1. The demon hunter and his dog sound like an interesting pair of characters. I'm hoping to hear more about them ;-)

  2. @John
    There will definitely be more stories about this pair. The stories are already in my head. I'm slowly trying to get some others out too.

  3. I think the demon hunter will discover that the dog is really one of his Guided Ones in disguise and has been there all along to give him strength and courage.

  4. @The Retired One
    I think you may be on to something. There will be many surprises to come with this demon hunter and his dog.

  5. @Kanishk
    Careful, keeping these stories in your head will give you a headache.


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