Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Nightmare In The Forest

There is something unusual that I had never done before... until last night. I've been on many hiking adventures in the forest, and at most times of the day. But I had never attempted to go hiking in the forest in the middle of the night. It was last night that I decided to change that. I thought it would be a thrilling experience, but it turned out to be a decision that I will now regret forever.

When I set out I took all of my usual stuff, and I included a flashlight. I figured I'd only use it if I needed it though, because while you could see better with it on, you couldn't get the full experience of night hiking. Plus you could also get caught easier when you weren't supposed to be there. These places I go are only open during the day. I didn't want to get into trouble, but my curiosity got the best of me, so off I went.

As I got there I realized that I wouldn't have to use the flashlight for awhile because it was a clear night and the moon was shining enough for me to see just fine in the dark for now. I tried to take a few pictures but quickly realized that the camera wasn't going to pick up anything at all. It was a shame I wasn't going to be able to share this, but at least I would have the memories.

After walking for awhile, and as I got deep into the forest, it became hard enough to see that I decided to finally take out my flashlight. Besides, I didn't think anyone would see it while I was this deep in the wilderness. What kind of idiot would come out here to catch me? I was extremely proud of my own intelligence at that point though.

Just as I was about to turn on the flashlight, I heard something very strange coming from up ahead of me, and it sounded like a low moaning. What could it be all the way out here? I decided I had to investigate this strange sound. Who wouldn't want to find out this mystery? As I got closer, it became clear that the moaning sound was human, and it was at least a dozen voices.

By this time I was becoming more than a little concerned. The moaning had become a steady chanting sound, and I didn't like it one bit. I had been sure I would be all alone when I came out here, and now I was greeted with this deep scary chorus of voices. For some odd reason I never thought of turning around and leaving. I decided to find out what was happening.

I was now glad I never turned on the flashlight. I slowly crept forward towards the sounds of the chanting, which seemed to be coming from a place where I knew there was a large clearing in the forest. That was a good thing because it was so dark now that I could barely see my own hand in front of my face. A little farther on I began to see a light. It was coming from the clearing, and as I guessed, so were the chanting voices.

I moved to just outside the edge of the clearing and peeked through the branches of the bushes in front of me. What I saw was too strange for my own eyes to believe! The voices were coming from twelve black robed human shapes. They were each holding hands with the two next to them to form a complete circle. As they moved from side to side, they were all looking to the center of the circle where the light was coming from.

The chanting began to grow louder, but I couldn't tell if they were actually saying any kind of language. It was just then that I noticed another robed figure! This one was standing in the very center of the circle, illuminated by that strange light. I figured I could see that figure because it was a little taller than the others. I watched as that one just stood there in one spot. It seemed to be just looking at all of the others.

After a few seconds I got another shock. The middle figure seemed to grow even taller than it was before. I began thinking that there was no way this tall thing could be human! It must have grown almost twice as tall as any of the others! I was now so scared I couldn't move! Still, I knew I also felt compelled to keep watching to find out what they were up to.

Then all of a sudden, as quick as a flash the tall figure whipped its head around to my direction! I knew that it was looking right at me. It was the eyes! The eyes glowed a horrible blood red! Those eyes seemed to be able to see right into my soul! I thought I was going to die right there! How could I not drop dead from fright? "Noooo!!!"

It was instinct that now drove me! Without any human thought left in my head, I jumped up from my formerly hidden position and turned and ran as fast as I could through the forest towards the front of the park! I had to get out of there! I couldn't see anything in front of me, and I quickly ran right into a tree! Bam!

I hit so hard that I bounced off the tree and fell onto my back. But I was so driven by fear and adrenaline that I jumped right back to my feet, completely disregarding the thought of injury. I renewed my flight to safety out of the forest. I had a few more similar incidents as I stumbled my way out of the forest and to my awaiting truck. I quickly jumped in and sped towards the safety of home!

I began typing all of this almost right after I got in the door of my house, so excuse any mistakes or typos. I'm now looking at what I have written, wondering what is going to happen next. That horrible creature saw me, I just know it!

Oh God, what am I going to do!!!


  1. An excellent tale for Halloween.

  2. I wonder if the creature tracked you through the night back to your lair...and if so how long will it wait before it strikes?? Maybe just long enough for you to think you are safe!!


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