Monday, March 14, 2011

At The Door

"…and you are there with glowing eyes and burning hair."
Concrete Blonde – Violent

The little girl sat on the living room couch with one of her brothers, happily engrossed in the TV show she was watching. Her too real nightmare from a few years ago about the witch was mostly long forgotten. That feeling of danger she had back then couldn’t last long for her anyway because of how protective the rest of her family always was towards her. And even though her parents were out for a few hours that night, she always felt safe because her three big brothers were there in the house with her.

After a little while she heard an odd sound that she hadn’t heard in quite some time. It was a low eerie, almost electronic, humming sound, like a too long held bass note on a piano. It wasn’t coming from the television, which up until now was the only source of sound near them. The scary sound seemed to be coming from the front door. The girl unconsciously moved a little closer to her brother on the couch.

All of a sudden there was a bang at the front door! It was followed by loud scratching and rattling. Someone was trying to get in, but the sounds weren’t the sounds of a normal turning of a doorknob and opening of a door. They were violent shakes. She knew it was nobody they knew.

Her brother jumped up from his position on the couch and ran for the door with the little girl right behind. They got there just as the violent banging stopped completely. There wasn’t anything at the large window set in the door to keep anyone from seeing in or out. The area of the door was a small alcove that led to all parts of the house, so it was already difficult enough to see into the house. Including the doorway to the living room, there were also stairs to the left going upstairs as you entered. The two siblings looked out the window and only saw the darkness of the night.

Then in less than a second, from out of the night a face swooped in close to the window! It was the hideous face of an ugly old hag! She had an angry sneer on her mouth full of crooked teeth, and her eyes seemed to be cloaked in an odd glowing darkness. The little girl immediately recognized her as the witch from her dream. “GIMME MY DOG,” the hag screeched at them. “YOU HAVE HIM! GIVE HIM TO ME!!!”

The locked door somehow flew open right in front of them, and the hag pushed herself halfway in! She turned towards the stairs leading up, and screamed again at the frightened children, “THIS HOUSE IS MINE! IT’S ALL MINE! I WANT MY DOG! BRING HIM TO ME!!!” The girl somehow knew not to let the hag get upstairs where her oldest brother was. She had a strong instinctive knowledge that this old witch meant great danger to him. And, even though she would usually look to him for help in any other bad situation, she hoped he stayed where he was.

Right at that moment the girl’s other brother threw himself at the hag and pushed with all his might! After an intense struggle the old witch was pushed back outside, and the two siblings pushed the door shut behind her! Only a second later they looked out the window again, in dread that she would come back, but there was nothing there. Then the girl’s brother stepped right up to the window and peered out. “How could she just disappear,” he said in a shaky voice.

“I’m going to have to go out there and make sure,” said the boy. The little girl pleaded for him not to open the door, but checking was the only way he could ease his own fear. If he saw that ugly old hag he would run back in the house. After a short, desperate argument, he gathered his courage, opened the door back up, and marched out onto the long front porch, the little girl right behind him.

He then peered around to find out if the strange old hag had gone anywhere near. He looked up and down the street but found nothing. The two then looked to the side of the house from the porch to see if she was anywhere near the hatch that led to the dirt floor basement. They still found nothing so they went back inside. The thing, which is the way they were thinking of it now, had truly disappeared.

Shaken and still scared, but secure in the knowledge that it was all over, her brother then locked the door once again, and they both ran upstairs to tell their oldest brother.


  1. And now we have three witnesses, and the boy knows now that he's not crazy. It's not somehow his fault. Whatever the evil hag was up to here was obviously not good.

    This episode flowed right out as soon as I began writing. It was easy because I was actually discussing it with my own sister to get her point of view on what her reaction might be if she were in the same situation. The next episode is also well underway. It will be a bit longer story than this one.

  2. I can't wait to read the next episode Ratty...I really have no idea where it is going to go!!

  3. @Allotments4you
    I'm working hard on the next episode, so it shouldn't be long now.


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